Lockdown Aequinoctium – Bio-Art International Contest. South Korea 2020


Artwork selected by 2020 Bio-Art International Contest: Virus and Human. Gwacheon, South Korea.

Video clip made from a watercolor drawing on glass.

Soundtrack from “The Rite of Spring”, Igor Stravinsky, 1913.

Concept & Drawing – Alessandro Rizzi

Photography – Gianluca Checchi

Video Editing – Matteo Sandrini


The opportunity to reconsider what we have taken for granted is strictly related to what happened in the past. The COVID-19 pandemic created a surrealistic worldwide situation never experienced before by humankind.
Unfortunately, in March 2020 Italy has been under the spotlight for COVID-19 pandemic and Lombardy, one of its administrative region, was close to be 1out of control. Across the months of lockdown the highest number of cases were within 2 province, Bergamo and Brescia. The second one is where we live.
We avoid any useless or redundant message related to this delicate scenario but we believe that the way to remember and thinking about it is representing and re elaborating aesthetically it.
Lockdown Aequinoctium is a metaphorical shape of contradictory emotions generated by virus diffusion. Weird sounds and colours appear and grow in the darkness, spreading all over the places as an infection does. It seems to be an attack to the system, it seems to be an attack to the hospital2 that finally appears. Nevertheless, the beginning of second act from Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” recalibrates the entire meaning of the artwork. “Auguries of Spring” represents our will of keeping memories alive while we look at the brand new cycle of life season. For this reason we titled our project Lockdown Aequinoctium, as a thin temporary equilibrium between night and day, as an attempt for representing at the same time dramatic moments and best wishes for future of all human kind.


Online exhibition at https://archive360.kr/archive360vr?vid=48543