Collapsed & Rebuilt Urban Meanings. Five Seasons in Melbourne – Artboy Gallery. Australia 2017

Collapsed & Rebuilt Urban Meanings – Five Seasons in Melbourne

Artboy Gallery – Melbourne, Australia


What’s going on today in the city? What’s the feeling, the smells, the impressions of the urban in our daily life? Are we really able to recognize and ‘read’ the urban atmospheres which are surrounding us? Maybe not or, in a better sense, maybe not at all. Urban spaces are silently modifying their forms and meanings, creating brand new scenographies and relationships between us and them: as we are usually too much busy to understand these continuous little by little movements, we can’t appreciate – or simply breath – these extraordinary urban landscapes.


COLLAPSED & REBUILT URBAN MEANINGS is an attempt to research and create exactly these brand new urban feelings, it is a visual art project which tries to build alternative way to watch, live and habit our urban daily life. After the first italian exhibition of the last winter, COLLAPSED & REBUILT URBAN MEANINGS is taking a ‘second act’: Five Seasons in Melbourne represents a suggest to go metaphorically