Alessandro Rizzi is an Italian artist born in Brescia in 1985. He graduated from the University of Bergamo with a bachelor degree in Human and Social Sciences and a master degree in Human Rights and the Ethics of International Cooperation.

Inspired by graffiti and urban art since early 2000, he gradually developed a wider and personal approach in the field of art, where he tries to combine his passion for calligraphy and public art with academic studies.

He worked 7 years for an Italian company specialised in urban decoration and after University he collected different collaborations as an art curator, decorator, and artist among Colombia, Australia, and Lebanon.

Rizzi’s mural artwork remains his biggest inspiration. He generally starts with a composition of alphabetic words, which progressively goes toward its abstraction. Dynamic, elegant and clean shapes are recalibrated by basic-economic materials, in order to get a smooth, vulnerable balance between form and substance. He is looking for the beauty of an impossible perfection.